The Pokémon Company

Pokémon 20th Anniversary

Launch of Pokémon GO

Manhattan, New York


Pickachu was celebrating its 20th birthday, and on the heels of this celebration, Pokémon GO was to be launched. The Pokémon Company desired a memorable, media worthy birthday celebration to drive US awareness and GO app demand prior to what became its legendary  launch.


Our executed experience involved 20 giant life-sized Pickachu characters in costume, randomly appearing and marching the streets of NYC around key historical places! Our essential locations for the impromptu Pikachu sightings included Times Square, the Brooklyn Bridge, the New York Public Library and Penn Station. Professional choreographers designed walking routines and flash mob dances, which took two nonstop weeks of prep to perfect. In addition, we coordinated private transportation and secured hotel rooms throughout the city to ensure no Pikachu was ever seen out of costume by any consumer...


We accomplished a logistical feat, and helped power the launch one of the most successful mobile games of all time. New York City dedicated 100% of Snapchat stories to our Pokémon GO experience. The event was rated #19 of the top 20 GLOBAL daily trending Facebook topics. Thousands of people took pictures and videos and posted online, driving even more people to get out on the streets to find our elusive Pikachu parade.