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Organizational Culture

How our partnership with Mattress Firm is the blueprint for modern organizations harnessing experiences to drive results.


Summers are make-or-break in the mattress business. It was Memorial Day, and Mattress Firm’s sales were lagging. Their CEO was getting nervous.

He called us with a simple question: “How do I inspire my salespeople to believe in themselves, our team, and to work their absolute hardest to post record sales?”

What he got in return was an experience that dramatically improved company culture and drove a dramatic turnaround in sales.


Mattress Firm’s CEO wanted to get in front of his employees as soon as possible.

With so many retail stores scattered all over the country, the easy answer was a private jet. Easy in, shake some hands, easy out.

But in our world, you don’t make decisions based upon what’s most convenient—you do what’s most effective. Our solution? Let’s turn Mattress Firm’s annual conference, BEDTalks, into a road show.

We chartered a bus for their entire executive team. They lived, worked, ate and slept as a team for three weeks on the road, traveling from the west coast to east coast visiting dozens of their retail locations.

During that time, executives were connected to the retail employees who drove the culture and behavior of the company each day. They traveled through the night to storefront after storefront, spending at least two hours with employees at each one. They made dynamic presentations and held a town hall at every stop. Employees were energized and felt like their voices were being heard. They were given the opportunity to talk directly to their CEO, ask questions, and provide feedback and suggestions for improvement. And the leadership team listened. They heard what their employees wanted and made some real changes, often right there on the spot.

Another huge benefit was the captured time for the executive team. Sharing such a tight space for such a concentrated period of time created a renewed enthusiasm for tackling difficult company-wide problems and making quick decisions, which created a positive impact on the entire organization.

All throughout the bus tour experience, our team provided the “Encore Live Difference,” making the trip as seamless and easy as possible for the executive team so they could fully focus on driving change in their organization. We made sure each member of the leadership team had their favorite coffee and newspaper every morning, photos of their family members displayed in their bunk space, down time to relax, and more. We provided video conferencing abilities and helped make their days feel as ordinary as possible given the unordinary circumstances. These thoughtful details provided the executive team with the tools to succeed and drive real change in their company over the three-week tour.


As a result of the BEDTalks On the Road Tour, Mattress Firm was able to measure an increase in sales through side-by-side testing. Every single market the bus tour touched outperformed the unvisited markets—not to mention the significant improvements in company culture.


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