AcuSport asked us to help make their dreams of digital auto-replenishment a reality with their retailers, while also revamping their entire conference experience.

AcuSport’s main objective was to provide a CLX auto-replenishment computer system to their clients that allowed retailers to access their account, add products to their cart, and keep their stores stocked. It was a big change from the pen-and-paper system that many of the retailers preferred, leaving AcuSport wondering, “How do we convince our retailers that adopting this digital auto-replenishment system will actually make their lives easier, not more complicated?”

Their retailers needed to experience the new system and see it with their own eyes to believe in it.


Working with AcuSport as a partner, our task was to determine how to market this modern CLX system at conferences, and how to present it as a useful tool instead of complicated new technology. We developed an experience designed to transform the behaviors of these retailers.

We knew that retailers and attendees wanted to see something different, so we worked with AcuSport to heavily update their design and enhance their company image. We threw out the standard pipe-and-drape conference booth in favor of a customized stage with a grand entrance. We also helped them move away from a networking/trade show focus to an educational approach, with customer interaction as its centerpiece.

Knowing AcuSport wanted their clients to adopt a new digital platform, we suggested they first design a digital e-conference experience as a means of rolling out the new program, before debuting it at their in-person conference the following year.

The first e-conference was a huge success and set up AcuSport perfectly for their 2017 conference, which was a face-to-face experience produced by Encore Live. We partnered with the AcuSport team to develop a creative plan to demonstrate the auto replenishment program, knowing that AcuSport didn’t just want to tell retailers how to activate the new digital platform in their stores, they wanted to show them. We helped AcuSport provide a unique experience for their customers and retailers instead of launching a new platform without any explanation or guidance. This ultimately created more brand loyalty and acceptance from AcuSport’s customer base.

Our ability to create a meaningful in-person experience transformed the behaviors and beliefs of AcuSport’s retailers and customers, and created a smooth transition to AcuSport’s new CLX system.


The true magic in our work with AcuSport was in the sense of partnership we developed together. By reimagining the AcuSport conference experience and design, we were able to freshen their brand’s image and improve their client relations through the power of experience.


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