Mattress Firm


Culture Conferences

U.S. Nationwide Locations


Solve the most pressing cultural issues of the company and unite employees in a “one-company” mindset vs its historically siloed and competitive environment.


Encore Live introduced BEDTalks - an all-inclusive 5-day annual conference for over 1,400+ company leaders and vendors focused on education, celebration and community service. Encore Live navigated the company’s cultural currents to find common interests enroute to harmonizing 6 DISTINCT CORPORATE CULTURES.


The outcome became the anchor of the Company’s culture calendar -- an action-packed week starting with an opening night concert, continuing with timely and relevant guest speakers, additional music entertainment and exclusive culinary experiences -- all wrapped around a curriculum of focused messaging and team building. Layered on top, Encore Live created the service-oriented community event entitled “Give Big Day” - complete with celebrity partner Ellen DeGeneres as spokesperson with “Give Big” reciprocally featured in a live recording of her namesake series to provide national recognition and a public “rallying cry” for employees. To date have grown the conference from a Year-one budget of $400K and 125 attendees to a budget of $6.5M with over 1,600 attendees and a NPS score of 70+ with attendees reporting they love to work for Mattress Firm again.