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Executive Connection

Building the resources to seize new opportunities.

A Virtual Thought Leadership Series for the leading private community of senior-most executives in North Texas .

Dallas-Fort Worth, TX


Founded in 2007, Executive Connection ("EC") is a private peer community that enables CEOs and C-level executives at globally respected organizations and companies with over $250 million revenue to discover better ideas, share valuable experiences and build relationships that make a lasting impact. The busiest officer-level executives and their most promising future leaders trust EC to accelerate the success of its members and their organizations. Membership is by invitation only.

Encore Live partnered with EC at the outset of the COVID-19 pandemic to establish a new virtual channel and sophisticated programming through which it could maintain its focus on compounding relationship value between members and create a new way to distribute its content during the lockdown economy.


Encore Live came alongside EC to help its members take action to minimize spread and optimize organizational effectiveness. The resulting solution was a partnership that provided the following services:

  • Virtual Event Design and Production

  • Technology moderation services

  • Thought-leadership content creation

  • Event guest casting and host facilitation


THE NEW REMOTE REALITY virtual CXO series was born in April 2020, purpose-built to present and unpack big ideas, alternatives, and solutions to facilitate collaboration, conversation and counsel on the topics most crucial to leading, transforming and growing modern enterprises against the challenges presented as a result of the virus’ catastrophic fallout.


A remarkable 75%+ of membership attend and engage with the live-moderated, bi-weekly online series. The most popular topics discussed in the series' dynamic “fireside chat” format range from the remote business environment, pivots that EC members and colleagues are exploring or implementing, and relevant lessons from previous downturns.

Against a surplus of undifferentiated virtual events and content, Encore Live and Executive Connection created a breakthrough series. Every installment of THE NEW REMOTE REALITY continues to be well attended and discussed at length afterward on LinkedIn. To date, Executive Connection’s THE NEW REMOTE REALITY virtual CXO series has hosted senior and c-suite executives from DELOITTE, JACOBS and ENDEAVOR, with more of the stellar line-ups to be announced.