Comoto Holdings


A Prospect Hill Growth Partners

portfolio company


Inaugural Culture Conference

Reno, NV


Formed in 2016, Comoto Holdings, Inc. is a retail M&A platform dedicated to serving the motorcycle enthusiast market via leading retailers of apparel, accessories and parts. However, the Comoto brand to date had operated at a distance with virtually no day-to-day involvement or influence. Its brand perception was limited and purely functional: Comoto Holdings a home to a loose collection of independent operated businesses.

Encore Live was challenged to (1) unveil a new visual identity and roll out a unified sales plan to all employees while concurrently (2) helping to solve the company’s most pressing cultural issue: unite previously competitive employees from formerly independent company cultures into a “one-company” mindset product, marketing and sales agenda.


Encore Live conceived and co-created “CoMotoCon 2020” with Comoto Holdings’ new executive leadership team and their division deputies; a corporate experience designed to bring together these disparate “tribes” together around an “experiential rally point.” Encore Live leveraged its decade of M&A integration and events mastery to navigate the company’s cultural currents and find unifying common interests that would harmonize THREE DISTINCT CORPORATE CULTURES.


This new corporate experience platform has become the flagship all-inclusive 3-day annual conference for over 300+ company leaders and vendors focused on education, celebration, calibration and community service. It anchors the Company’s culture calendar in an action-packed week starting with compelling entertainment, timely and relevant guest speakers, unique culinary experiences, and plenty of facilitated networking and freestyle relationship-building with colleagues and vendors -- all wrapped around a curriculum of focused messaging and team building. In the one month period following the first CoMotoCon, YoY same-store sales experienced and double-digit % lift, and those numbers continue to hold and grow.

Furthermore, attendee and vendor feedback alike universally reported “exceeded expectations” with a record-breaking net promoter score, and direct feedback stating it was “like nothing any of the portfolio companies had experienced before” in their days of independence or as part of Comoto Holdings. Our relationship with Comoto continues to grow and expand across multiple capabilities, including Events and Expositions, where Encore Live is driving triple digit % YoY pop-up retail sales gains.