Driving business outcomes through the power of Smart Experience.


We are The Dynamic Human Experience Company. 

Leading Brands, Organizations, Artists and their partners rely on Encore Live to help them achieve the business results they desire with more confidence and less effort.

We are a seasoned team of face-to-face and virtual experience experts, analytical operators, strategic and creative thinkers, talent buyers and event producers. Each of us is fascinated with humankind and led by the belief that our most deeply held convictions are those we discover for ourselves through Dynamic Human Experiences. 

We work with a wide range of Brands, Organizations and Philanthropies on ambitious projects designed to transform beliefs, relationships and outcomes - the success of which depends on sharp strategy and precision execution.

That's Smart Experience.

Our Opportunity Together

Brands and Organizations miss opportunities every day to shape the course of customer, employee, patron and investor journeys in accountable ways. Against an industry backdrop of weary consumers and employees, skyrocketing acquisition costs and diminishing lifetime relationship value, the last decade’s over-reliance on advertising technology and digital scale revealed a pivotal weakness: it lacks a Heart

While vital to the modern marketing mix, “visitors” don’t account for true engagement, “impressions” are binary, and “clicks” can be gamed. Your most valuable relationships hinge on more than these metrics alone. Genuine relationships sparked and sustained by Dynamic Human Experiences drive dialogue, recruitment, purchase, and loyalty.

Only with a genuine relationship in tact, can disciplined data management and programmatic marketing keep those relationships transacting.

This is the Experience Economy.


We are Changemakers. Encore Live operates globally from Fort Worth, Texas, with proven experience driving innovation from inside, and outside, some of the world’s largest companies and most iconic brands. Our team's diversity of thought stems from over 100 years of combined effort solving some of the most universal - yet complex at times - business challenges at the highest levels of industries including Digital Media, Technology, Entertainment, Employee Experience, Private Equity and Venture Capital.


We design and deliver transformative events and experiences that drive tangible outcomes for Brands and Organizations across the public, private and social sectors. Our solutions are purpose-built for the demands of five core client segments:



Corporate Clients


Private Clients

Encore Live solves business problems through face-to-face programs focused on:

​Consumer Marketing & Revenue

Corporate Culture & M&A Integration

Business Marketing & Revenue

Fundraising & Once-in-a-Lifetime

Celebrity Talent & Influencer Marketing

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Our clientele includes a diverse group of Global 2000 marketers and culture leaders, leading agencies, and an influential roster of global philanthropies, public figures, and ultra-high net worth family offices.


Every day we make the impossible possible, enabled by our own Employee Experience with amazing benefits and a fun, dog-friendly environment. Our team exceeds our clients' expectations through unparalleled service and unforgettable memories. We dream big, work smart, reward our people, and transform visions into reality. Join us!


Walter Kinzie

Founder & CEO

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Leigh Dodson King

President of Entertainment

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Denise Sinisi

Vice President of Operations

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