Spending your summer or semester with Encore Live could be your opportunity to jumpstart an amazing career in events and entertainment!  We hire student interns across all departments, and we give interns ownership and hands-on experience over big projects from day one.


Through our selective interview process, we look for students that are passionate about customer service, philanthropy, coordination, and going above and beyond in all that they do! Our interns are paired with a mentor and assigned by department where they will get the opportunity to interact with clients, participate in planning meetings, develop budgets, research design trends, and work with our trusted vendor partners on a daily basis. If you enjoy a fast-paced and continually evolving work environment, where each day if different from the next, then this is the opportunity for you!



  • Site Visits – Research and take part in the venue selection process for a large-scale conference or intimate private event. Learn about vetting various venues, rate negotiation, and contract management.
  • Vendor Fieldtrips – Interns are offered the opportunity to spend a half day on-site learning from our vendor partners (Stageworks, Miller Pro Audio/Eagle AVL, etc.) and seeing behind the scenes into their studios, fabrication facilities, and warehouses.
  • On-Site Event Experience – Whenever possible, interns will be invited to work alongside full-time team members at events where they will gain real world experience, customer service skills, problem solving, and get to shadow full-time industry experts.

Encore Live hosts semi-weekly Encore Live 101 training sessions where company leaders present on a wide range of applicable topics and provide insights into their field of expertise. Examples of some of these presentations include:

  • Growing a Business
  • Delivering the Encore Live Difference (ELD)
  • Registration Sites and Travel Booking
  • Talent Buying and Artist Hospitality
  • Marketing & Design Magic
  • Production Tips & Tricks
  • Email Etiquette & Management
  • Food & Beverage 101
  • Selling the Experience
  • Operations & Workflow
  • Site Selection / Hotels
  • Professional Communication
  • Time Management
  • Accounting & Finance
  • Sharpening the Saw
  • Salesforce: It’s Basically Just a Funnel
  • Photography and Selling Our Services


Available Internship Positions
Spring, Summer, and Fall 2019:

• Production Coordination Intern
• Graphic Design Intern
• Intern to the Executive Team
• Event Coordination Intern
• Marketing Intern


“Encore Live has completely met my expectations for this internship so far! I have enjoyed my time in this upbeat and easy-going office. I feel that most everything I have been asked to do so far has been applicable to future employment and that I will be able to take my Encore Live experience anywhere. I have worked on many different projects which has made interning fun and exciting.”

Emma (Marketing Intern)

“The atmosphere has been my favorite thing so far! I love the laid back culture…Lets be honest, I’m just obsessed. Dream internship!”

Chloe (Operations Coordination Intern)

“One of my favorite things about the internship so far are the 101 sessions. I feel like we get a really good sense of what every staff member does since they give the talk themselves and express their point of view. Also, I love that we get the opportunity to volunteer for events…It was a really cool learning experience and it was a lot of fun!”

Marta (Event Coordination Intern)

“Working in Operations has been great for me because it has already taught me a lot about creating budgets and being able to present these budgets and details to clients.”

Jessie (Operations Coordination Intern)

“I knew that Encore Live was different from the first day of my summer internship. This place functions more like a family than simply a group of coworkers. We build each other up and cheer each other on to reach our goals, whether they are personal or professional. I consider myself very fortunate to have joined this incredible team and company full-time as an Event Coordinator, sincerely”

Kiki (Previous Social Media Intern / Current Event Coordinator)

“Interning at Encore Live was one of the best learning experiences of my college career. Rather than spending my days completing menial tasks, I was instead placed under the guidance of a full-time staffer, who mentored me on all of the ins and outs of event planning. By the end of my internship, not only had I learned how to draft contracts, conduct meetings, and manage budgets, but also was given my own event to fully execute, under the guidance of my mentor. As an intern at Encore Live, I wasn’t treated as a chore, but rather valued by the staff as a member of the Encore Live community.”

Haley (Previous Event Coordination Intern / Current Senior Operations Coordinator)